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Dog Training with Todd @ Sniff Squad Dog Training


General Training Details:

Obedience Training:

obedience training includes things like teaching proper sit, stay, come, down, place etc. Advanced obedience usually includes adding major distractions, distance and duration to the basic obedience commands and mastering some more difficult obedience commands like heel positions, find it (get it) command and even scent detection. 

Behavior Modification:

behavior modification training includes addressing problem behaviors and properly conditioning the dog to be calm and socialized overall. Behavior modification, especially for more severe cases, is a process that will take the full commitment and effort on the part of the owners to learn how to be confident leaders for their dog. But, have no fear, Sniff Squad is here! You'll get step-by-step instruction on how to be a great calm leader and have all your questions answered, big or small, by Todd, an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly dog trainer! Behavior modification is not the same for any dog and can take as long as needed to help owner and dog feel confident, calm and comfortable.

Options and Convenience:
Offering unique, complete and convenient training programs for any dog. Todd, the dog trainer, will provide comprehensive and customized lessons for you and your dog in the comfort of your home or nearby park. Todd also has experience teaching humans in classrooms, camps, sports teams and large international groups as well as extensive experience working with, training and handling groups of and individual dogs of all types! So, you know you'll have the best trainer, coach, teacher and mentor for you and your dog. Whether you're perfecting and fine tuning your dog's obedience, loose-leash walking and behavior or you're struggling
 with more severe dog aggression, human aggression, separation anxiety, leash reactivity or any other urgent issue, Todd can help.  With expert knowledge and a friendly customer experience you simply won't get from other trainers, Sniff Squad will be the last dog trainer you'll ever need.
Methods & Approach
By using science/evidence based training methods, a deep knowledge of dog communication and an overall balanced approach in working with dogs, Todd fosters good dog behaviors and diminish the bad ones. Todd help to quickly create more clear communication between you and your dog and help you and your dog form a truly healthy relationship together. You and your pup will learn how to navigate the world as a team and you'll learn to provide fulfillment and enrichment for your dog that will solidify the dog's lessons and develop a confident, calm, happy canine companion.   
All dogs are different and require an individual assessment and training plan. The owners are ultimately responsible for choosing the specific dates and times according to Sniff Squad availability. Please make a free phone or in-person consultation below to get started.
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