Private Dog Training

Private dog training with Sniff Squad is customized to your training needs. Learn how to be a confident leader for you dog and gain invaluable insight into how to continue your dogs behavior modification and obedience training. Private sessions are held at the clients home or near-by park. Each session is approximately 60-90 minutes. A minimum of 5 sessions is required to book private training.

Private Training Packages

1 Week Training Special

5 Sessions in 7 days


2 Week Training Special

10 Sessions in 14 days


10 Session Package

10 sessions without a time limit


Off-Leash Package

20 - 40 Private sessions

$1900 - $2800

Puppy Training

For puppies under 6 months old. Puppies need exposure, basic obedience, socialization and structure to grow up to be confident, calm and happy adult dogs.  Sniff Squad's puppy training packages are comprehensive foundational training programs that immerse you and the puppy in the essential obedience commands and leadership skills to navigate our scary human world with confidence. Your puppy will learn how to cope with various distractions, noises and touches while also learning how to be a good listener and understand basic commands including sit, down, come, off, heel and place.  You'll also get invaluable insight and advice on how to best continue your puppies training and develop a healthy and unbreakable bond between you and your puppy. 

Puppy Private Training Packages

1 Week Puppy Special

5 Sessions in 7 days


5 Session Puppy Package

Minimum of 1 Session/week


Social Puppy Package (BEST VALUE!)

8 Private Sessions + 4 Beach Adventures


Puppy Day School

All Day Training & Socialization 9am - 5pm


Puppy Group Training: 

Foundational Obedience & Socialization

Puppy group training is an ideal foundational skills and socialization class for puppies under 6 months old. It includes basic obedience training and socialization with other puppies and owners.  The basic obedience we work on includes sit, down, loose-leash walking (heel), stay, place and come. All puppies must be fully vaccinated.  

Puppy Group Classes Details

Price: $175

# of Sessions: 6

When: Saturdays @ 10am

Where: Santa Barbara Women's Club Parking Lot 

K9  Day Academy

The K9 Day Academy is Monday - Friday and includes a full day training experience for your dog that does not require overnight boarding. Because the dog doesn't stay overnight with us, the price is a significantly cheaper than the board and train program and can be a great alternative.  The K9 Day Academy with Sniff Squad includes pick-up in the morning and begins with obedience training.  We'll then work on your pups separation anxiety and give them a much needed break/nap. Your pup will then get plenty of socialization, exposure and exercise with a structured pack adventure to the beach or hiking trails.  After another rest break we'll end our day with more obedience training and finally a "cool down" loose-leash walk before heading back to your home where the pup gets dinner and you get to enjoy a tired pup before bed time in the comfort and safety of their own home.  Each week includes a Sunday human owner training session to keep you on the same page as the dogs lessons. 

K9 Day Academy Packages

(Monday - Friday only)

* 1 Week Intensive (5 Days)


*2 Week Intensive (10 Days)


5 Day Package



10 Day Package


15 Day Package


20 Day Package


* Intensive packages must be used in consecutive days Monday through Friday

Best Value!

Best Value!

Board & Train

Board & Train is a full overnight boarding and training experience for your dog. Sniff Squad does board and train a bit differently than other training services.  With us, your dog will be the center of our training focus. Instead of being in a cold and uncomfortable kennel environment, your pup will experience the full comfort and attention of a clean home environment without the constant distractions and annoyances of a normal kennel type board and train. Your dog will be not only trained, they'll be taken care of as if one of our own.  This option is our most comprehensive and customized training program.  A minimum of 10 days is required and most dogs will need up to 20 or more days to reach the desired result from training. Advanced notice of at least 1 week is required to book our Board & Train program.  Our board and train program doesn't just train the dog, we train you too!  It's most important for you as the dog owner to know how to continue your dogs training to make sure they maintain their lessons and keep regression to a minimum. So, we include some half-way training sessions and two "go home sessions" to keep you up to date. You'll also catch plenty of updates through social media and check-in calls.  Regression is, however, inevitable. But we have something that might help! For every 10 days of board & train you book, you receive 5 free Beach Adventures. After training is done, the free beach adventures will help keep your dog fresh on their training.

Board & Train Packages

10 Days

10 Days + 3 Beach Adventures


15 Days 

15 Days + 5 Beach Adventures


20 Days

20 Days + 8 Beach Adventures 


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