Private Dog Training

Private dog training with Sniff Squad is customized to your training needs. Learn how to be a confident leader for you dog and gain invaluable insight into how to continue your dogs behavior modification and obedience training. Private sessions are held at the clients home or near-by park. Each session is approximately 60 minutes. 

Private Training Packages

Single Session (90 minutes)


6 Sessions


8 Private Sessions


12 Private Sessions


Puppy Training

For puppies under 6 months old. Puppies need exposure, basic obedience, socialization and structure to grow up to be confident, calm and happy adult dogs.  Sniff Squad's puppy training packages are comprehensive foundational training programs that immerse you and the puppy in the essential obedience commands and leadership skills to navigate our scary human world with confidence. Your puppy will learn how to cope with various distractions, noises and touches while also learning how to be a good listener and understand basic commands including sit, down, come, off, heel and place.  You'll also get invaluable insight and advice on how to best continue your puppies training and develop a healthy and unbreakable bond between you and your puppy. 

Puppy Training Packages

5 Session Puppy Package

Minimum of 1 Session/week


Puppy Day Academy

(see "K9 Day Academy" for curriculum details)

Times: 9-10am Pick-up & 5-6pm Drop-off

Full Day Puppy Price = $110/Day (10 Day/2 week minimum)

K9  Day Academy

The K9 Day Academy is Monday - Friday and includes a full day training experience (8 hours) for your dog that does not require overnight boarding. Because the dog doesn't stay overnight with us, the price is significantly cheaper than board and train programs and is just as, if not more, effective. 
The K9 Day Academy with Sniff Squad is a comprehensive dog education (a school for dogs) that includes pick-up (9:30-10am), drop-off (5:30-6pm), obedience training, socialization, play and exercise. It is the perfect all-around training program for any dog at any age. All rounds of vaccinations are required to join. 

What a Typical Day Looks Like:
The mornings begin with a short warm up pack walk and is followed by core obedience training where your dog will learn new skills.  After about an hour of break time to work on your dogs ability to "turn off" and self-sooth, we go on a structured adventure to the beach or other natural area to explore, play and exercise to fulfill your dog and give them much needed exercise, socialization and exposure to the outside world. If your dog is in the half-day program, we'll then drop them off at your home. Next, we'll work you dog through more obedience training and improve on some of the new skills that were learned in the morning and prior days. After getting in a good amount of repetitions we'll go on a final "cool down" structured pack walk before heading back to your home! Once home, you get to enjoy, cuddle and love your tired and smarter dog before bed time in the comfort and safety of their own home. The best part is you don't have to feel guilty about leaving your dog the whole day and they'll be much easier to handle from all the exercise and lessons they learned at the k9 day academy. 

You get trained too!
Since you have to know what we are working on how you can continue to improve on it, we offer you free human instruction included in the package price.  This will help you minimize regression and maximize your ability to improve on your dogs lessons and generally continue your dog's education at home to ultimately build your relationship in a healthy and productive way.  We'll pre-schedule your human training session on either the day we drop-off your dog on your last session of the week or on the following Saturday or Sunday.  Human instruction is held at your home for maximum convenience.

K9 Day Academy Prices

(Monday - Friday only)

Times: (8 hours) 9-10am Pick-up & 5-6pm Drop-off

2 Week Intensive (10 Days)*


$1500 total

3 Week Intensive (15 Days)*


$2100 total


4 Week Intensive (20 Days)*


$2700 total

5 or 6 Week Intensive (25 or 30 Days)*


$3250 total (25 Days)

$3900 (30 Days)

* Intensive packages must be used on consecutive weeks and weekdays Monday through Friday