The Sniff Squad mission is to improve the lives and behavior of dogs and their relationships with their humans. 


What I do

I help you understand your dog better and teach your dog essential skills and create a foundation of communication between you to build an unbreakable bond between you and your dog that will enable your relationship to reach its full potential. You'll learn how to communicate with your dog and teach endless lessons in obedience and behavior through body language, poise and, of course, technique.  You'll learn how to engage better with your dog in play and exercise and enrich both your lives. By instilling a balance of  appropriate structure, obedience, play and affection, you'll raise the dog you've always wanted and always had.

        Todd and Sniff SQuad


Hi! I'm Todd. I'm the owner and dog trainer of Sniff Squad Dog Training. I, of course, love dogs. I love all animals actually. I've always been a nature and animal nerd, especially when it comes to dogs. I'm a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!), a southern California native and an outdoor adventure lover.  I've been lucky to have gained experience around the world with both dogs and humans throughout my life and career including working at a cage-free dog athletic club, teaching abroad, directing events in the US and starting a dog adventure daycare business. What I love most about dogs is how they have integrated almost seamlessly into the lives of humans. Dogs have not only survived, but thrived, along side us while still retaining some of that distinct, unpredictable and precious animal wildness and instinct.


I've had the incredible opportunity to live and work in a few different countries around the world and found that no matter where I was, dogs were inevitably a daily part of everyone's life. I also realized, most people don't know a whole lot about the canine creatures living, literally, in their homes. So, I got to thinking, how about I help teach them? I love teaching and I love canines, so I decided to put my true passion and knowledge of dogs towards being, you guessed it, a dog trainer. My goal as a dog trainer is to not only teach your dog, but more importantly, teach you, your friends and your family about your dog. I strive to create a balance and awareness in both human and dog to allow for a true partnership that will develop and grow, even when I'm long out of the picture. 


Book a free evaluation with me below or call or text 805-500-6456. I'm excited to meet you and your pup(s).


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