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Dog Training

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Obedience Training:

obedience training includes things like teaching proper sit, stay, come, down etc. Advanced obedience usually includes adding major distractions, distance and duration to the basic obedience commands and mastering some more difficult obedience commands like heel positions, find it (get it) command and even scent detection. 

Behavior Modification:

behavior modification training includes addressing problem behaviors and properly conditioning the dog to be calm and socialized overall. Behavior modification, especially for more severe cases, is a process that will take the full commitment and effort on the part of the owners to learn how to be confident leaders for their dog. But, have no fear, Sniff Squad is here! You'll get step-by-step instruction on how to be a great calm leader and have all your questions answered, big or small, by Todd, an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly dog trainer! Behavior modification is not the same for any dog and can take as long as needed to help owner and dog feel confident, calm and comfortable.

Summer Special Packages!

Set Schedule: Mon - Fri

1HR Sessions

Possible Time Slots Available: 9am/11am/1pm/3pm/5pm

Pick-up/Drop-off Included



How It Works:

The summer special is Monday through Friday and sessions must be used in consecutive weeks. 


Book a phone consultation where you choose the number of weeks you want to book and reserve your start date and time slot by paying your deposit (50% of total cost. Full payment due prior to first session). Don't know how many weeks to get? Send an email to Todd, the dog trainer, at thesniffsquad@gmail.com.


Next, if we haven't already, we discuss by phone your specific training needs and create an initial training plan. For 3 & 4 week package reservations, you may request a complimentary in-person consultation.

Once we schedule the available time slot, Todd comes to your home to meet you and your dog on the first day. If you won't be home on the first day, we will schedule a short meeting on a day prior to the first session to meet and plan how to access your pup.


The human owners are welcome to join each 1 hour training session as much as they would like but are not required. Please be aware that all in-person training sessions require a mask to be worn by all human participants and social distancing standards to be followed. 


Pick-up and drop-off are included but training may be done in your garage, backyard, front yard or nearby park as available. Inside the home training may be done with strict mask and social distancing guidelines in place when human owners are present.

Note: Some dogs may be too distracted in public or outdoor settings to learn. In this case, it is advised to have the dog trained near or in your home where they are more comfortable. 


Private Dog Training

by appointment

Custom Schedule

Must complete all sessions within 60 days of first session 

1.5 hrs/session

(10 sessions) = $80/session

(20 Sessions) = $78/session (Save $40)

(30 sessions) = $75/session (Save $150)

(40 Sessions) = $72/session (Save $320)

(50 Sessions) = $70/session (save $500)

Walking Training

by appointment

4 hrs



Overnight Training Retreat 

by appointment

24 hrs/session

5 Night Minimum Reservation


The overnight training retreat is a unique zen, calming and educational training program for dogs. This program is a great option for any dog and dog owner that wants a more comprehensive approach to their dogs behavior and obedience training. This is not like other board and train programs from other dog trainers. At our training retreat, your dog is the center of our focus.  We providing a calm and balanced experience for your dog with days filled with exercise, training, playing and socializing all within a home environment, so your dog is comfortable and learns all they need to know about being a well-behaved dog in this scary human world. A custom training plan will be created prior to the start of your Overnight Training Retreat adventure. Intermittent human training sessions will also be scheduled during the training retreat to help you, as the human owner, stay up-to-date on your pups progress and how you can continue their training and implement the work they've been doing.


1 Week (5 sessions)= $75$65/session

2 weeks (10 sessions)= $75$60/session

3 weeks (15 sessions)= $72$55/session

4 weeks (20 sessions)= $70$50/session