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The foundation of Sniff Squad Dog Training was built on the idea of developing cooperation between humans and dogs by creating a common language to build an unbreakable human-dog bond that will allow for the molding of a happy & balanced dog. By properly communicating with dogs and providing appropriate structure, discipline, engagement, exercise and play, a mutual sense of trust and respect is built between human and dog making each interaction an opportunity to teach and learn endless lessons.

The foundation of Sniff Squad Dog Training was built on the idea of building cooperation and an unbreakable human-dog bond to foster a well-behaved dog.  By providing proper leadership through structure and positive engagement, you build the dogs trust, respect and affection to then be able to teach them endless lessons.

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Todd and The Sniff Squad Difference:

At Sniff Squad, we do things a little differently than most other dog training services.  First of all, Todd is the sole trainer and owner of Sniff Squad Dog Training, so you know who you'll be working with and can be reassured that you'll get a truly experienced, trustworthy and knowledgeable behaviorist and dog trainer at every session. Todd takes the guessing game out of the picture and provides comprehensive, personal and crazy convenient services that will make dog ownership a whole lot easier.  Our services are unique and designed to cater to the busy lives we all live. Todd wants to make sure you and your dog have relevant training so, instead of our board and train program being at a cold, smelly, loud and uncomfortable kennel environment, we pamper your dog with a clean home environment where they have our full focus and attention and they can transfer their skills learned at our home environment to yours a lot easier.  Our private training is held at your home to make it comfortable for your dog and convenient for you to ultimately form the best personalized behavior and obedience dog training Santa Barbara has to offer.  Our unique K9 Day Academy is really one-of-a-kind  as well. Your dog receives a full day of training, socialization and exercise in natural areas instead of the same old stinky kennel environment.  Todd prides himself on offering truly practical training options that are fun, unique and always convenient for the human owners.   

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"...Thanks to Todd, Kyra has been calmer, our walks are a lot less stressful, and we know how to approach situations that used to feel a lot more chaotic with confidence. Thank you Sniff Squad!!!


The Chiu Family"