Pack Walks*

with Sniff Squad

Pack Walks with Sniff Squad are unique structured adventures in natural area for dogs. Each walk is a complete experience of socialization, exercise, obedience, play a fulfillment of natural instincts for dogs. 


Every Monday - Friday from 11am-2pm


Pack Walks are done in local natural areas with dogs on-leash most of the time with the exception of legally allowed off-leash open space area if the dog owner permits off-leash play


Small Batch Pack:

Our pack is small with a maximum of 6 dogs each adventure. This gives your dog the opportunity to get personalized attention from the dog trainer pack leader and allow for a more balanced and consistently pawsitive pack walk experience on every trip.


Friendly Dogs Only:

Dogs must be reasonably socialized and friendly with other dogs and people in order to join pack walks.  If you're not sure if your dog would qualify, contact us to get a free evaluation.  Dogs who are unsuitable to join the pack walks may join after receiving appropriate training and behavior modification from Sniff Squad Dog Training.

Pick-up and drop-off:

Included in the price! 



Several package deals are available and listed below.  Single pack walks are not offered, however, your dog receives 1 free introduction pack walk upon purchase of any package deal.  


When: Monday - Friday, 11am-2pm
Pick-up: Included between 11am - 11:45am
Drop-off: Included between 1:15pm - 2pm
1. Proof of vaccinations required
2. Free Behavior & Obedience Evaluation Required (Book Eval. Here)

Pack Walk Packages

4+ Pack Walks/Month



8+ Pack Walks/Month



12+ Pack Walks/Month



20 Pack Walks/Month


*Special Conditions of Pack Walks:

Availability is limited and is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Changes to schedules must be made by clients at least 48 hours prior to the originally scheduled adventure date. Changes made within 48 hours by the client will result in a $15 late change fee. Adventures are subject to cancellation for any reason by the trainer. Notice of at least 24 hours will be given to clients before cancellation. Any cancellations by the trainer made within 24 hours will automatically award the clients affected with 1 free additional pack walk.  No refunds. By paying for adventures, you agree to conditions stated here.